Weekly Shows

Take a long rest with us!

D&DG’s biggest goal is to bring new people to the wonderful and exciting world of Dungeons & Dragons! But we know it can be daunting to jump in the deep end of a hobby you may be completely unfamiliar with. So to make it easier for our newer players, and to give our veterans a break from the table, we’ve started airing some weekly shows over on our Twitch Channel! We’ve got a little bit of something for everyone and we’re constantly adapting and changing the content we have on offer so you can find just the right fit for you.

Tabletop Tuesday's

This series takes the players and viewers through 3-4 hour one shots of tabletop games that you might not typically see on a livestream. Our host Justin will have to teach on the fly and showcase what games that aren’t Dungeons & Dragons have to offer. This series also includes weekly guest stars and a rotating cast to really give that feeling of variety. So if other titles interest you, come sit at our table and watch the magic!

Showtime: Tuesdays at 5pm PST

The Unbroken Oath

An unlikely party of 5 Adventurers are hired for a job by a mysterious benefactor to retrieve a lost map maker. Seems like a simple enough mission but they’re not being told everything and arriving on the island reveals a sinister undead curse. With more questions than answers, our party ventures into a jungle teeming with monsters hoping they can make it out with their missing map maker in one piece. VODS available on youtube!

Showtime: Wednesdays at 6pm PST

Dillybot's Untitled Game Stream

After a busy week of work and D&D, there’s nothing like hanging out with your friendly and always malfunctioning robo-host Dillybot. This stream is about hanging out and chatting with the community while Dillybot plays through a variety of games that you as a viewer get the chance to vote on. But once in a while, Dilly pulls in some competition for a friendly wager on stream. So swing on by and keep our bot company!

Showtime: Fridays at 5:30pm PST