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Buy, Sell, Trade, or Train.

Any adventurer worth their salt will certainly start to amass their own collection of items, gold, injuries, and stories as they explore the farthest reaches of the Sundered Lands and its neighboring realms. But all those scars and coins are only useful if you have places to heal them, tell tales about them, and spend them. Listed on this page are shops and services of all kind (Most of them player owned) where you can find many things from magical potions to a reliable trainer for that pet beholder who just doesn’t seem to get that the couch is for adventurers only.*

*Shops and services are listed in alphabetical order. Some are linked to separate documents while others are fully detailed below. Shops are updated semi-regularly.

Backalley Deal

Need something in a pinch that isn’t offered by the every day shop vendor? Then look no further because the Backalley Deal has you covered. Potions, elixirs, and arcane oddities are what we provide but keep it hush hush and if Vork catches you trying to rip him off or reproduce his wares, you wont see him coming.

*If you are purchasing anything from Vork, you will have to reach out to him through the “player-run-services” channel in our discord.

Blackchasm Market

The central hub for buying and selling items with the citizens of the keep (The DM). Here you will find a list of basic items for any adventurer starting out or looking to pick up a spare length of rope, just in case. Adventuring gear, tools, weapons, armour, and even some magical items are available here and can be purchased at the table at most sessions (providing the DM lets you browse wares before sending you out on a dangerous mission.

*The market button takes you to a basic list-style document with everything available for purchase. The details button takes you to a more descriptive document so you can learn what each item does

Clara's Critter Corner

If you’ve got an animal companion (or other “friend) who you’d like to train to help you in battle and listen to your commands with more accuracy, then head on over to the Critter Corner. Owned by one of our resident druids, Clara enjoys being around the cute and cuddly beings of our world and has offered up her abilities in service of allowing you and your companion to get along better than ever.

Linked below is the document detailing all of the services provided by the Critter Corner.

*If you are purchasing anything from Clara, you will have to reach out to her through the “player-run-services” channel in our discord.

Doktor Krankmann's Clinic, Apothecary, and Bespoke Artifacts

Located in the keep, a workshop of constant discussion belches noxious fumes from a tall smokestack. Crows seem to be drawn to the building in question and often gather there in murders quite fowl. This, dear adventurer, is the Doktor’s Clinic (among other things). Here you will find potions of varying quality and rarity as well as the ability to obtain custom ordered magical items from an ever expanding catalogue. Run by our very own Doktor Krankmann, adventurers can order from him any number of things as long as they have the gold.

Linked below is the document detailing all available items at the shop.

*Purchasing from the Doktor is based on the honour system. If you see an item you want, subtract its cost from your character and add it to your inventory.

High Hill Heels

You’ve got dazzling armour, deadly weapons, and a belt full of interesting and powerful magical items. But what you don’t have is delightful and lovingly crafted shoes to really tie the whole outfit together. Offering several style and material choices, High Hill Heels prides itself on creating unique footwear for any adventurer who prides themselves on fashion as much as their loot collection. These shoes, boots, and crocs offer many advantages (and disadvantages) for anyone interested in making a true statement on the battlefield.

Linked below is the document detailing all the available options at High Hill Heels

*If you are purchasing anything from High Hill Heels, please reach out to the owner through the “player-run-services” channel in our discord so they may keep track of gold and inventory.

North Pole Patisserie

Located North of the keep stands a truly wondrous and magical structure that can only be described as festive (If a little out of season for most of the year). Colourful smoke bellows from its chimneys and dazzling lights surround every window illuminating the candy-themed decorations that engulf the original structure. And atop this magnificent shop, nestled in the seemingly un-melting snow is the depiction of the jolly Santa Claus himself with his faithful reindeers. This is the North Pole Patisserie, owned by our very own Jinglebell. Tasty treats that bolster the body and spirit can be purchased here and some can even be used against your enemies… if they don’t listen to the cardinal rule about candy and strangers.

Linked below is the document detailing all the available options at the North Pole Patisserie

*If you are purchasing anything from the Patisserie, please reach out to the owner through the “player-run-services” channel in our discord so they may keep track of gold and inventory.

Quiet Quiver

Are you tired of the Wizard having all the tricks up their sleeves? Want to give your ranged combat that little extra oomf? Or maybe you’re interested in having your very own signature calling card. Welcome to The Quiet Quiver, where your business is none of my business. Enjoy custom arrows and weapons tailored to your weirdly specific and nefarious needs.

*If you are purchasing anything from Vork, you will have to reach out to him through the “player-run-services” channel in our discord.

Reed's Radical Recreations

The clanging of metal and the smell of smoke assault the senses of any adventurer who happens upon this towering “shack”. Other adventurers will tell you of the wonderful things they’ve had created here as well as the charismatic owner of the shop who was beloved by all and recently rescued from a long stint in captivity. Reed’s Radical Recreations is a player-run workshop owned and operated by Reed Bigsteps. The store specializes in the creation of custom, nonmagical wondrous items.

Linked below is the document describing the shop as well as how to contact the owner for requests

Sundered Lands Spell Repository

Hello fellow Blackchasm Keep Wizards,
Tired of spending all that hard earned gold on spell scrolls only to be stung again when you transcribe the thing? Don’t you hate it how the Druids and Clerics get all their spells for free and we have to spend countless amount of gold to transcribe spells? We have the solution for you!

Introducing the Spell Repository where you can trade and buy spells with your fellow wizards for a modest cost. In an effort to reduce these costs, the Sundered Lands Spell Repository has been created. Here you can list all the spells in your spellbook and trade or buy from your fellow wizards at a reduced cost. Note, these are costs to copy the spell from the other wizard’s spell book. It is not a scroll.

*If you wish to add or purchase any spells listed in the repository, please reach out to the wizards listed in the document through the “player-run-services” channel in our discord so that it stays organized and everyone gets their gold.