What We Do

We tell your stories

If you’re looking to get your group together for a long term adventure or you just want to have an incredible one-shot, we’ve got you covered. We bring the adventure to your table or you can come sit at ours! 

All sessions are open to new and experienced players alike.

Looking to hone your own Game Master skills or interested in becoming one for the first time? We also offer a DM/GM workshop so that you can learn to run the kind of game you want!


See you at the table

One-Shot Game

Fight a dragon, steal from a lich, take on a god, or tend to your eldritch garden. Possibilities are endless with this option. Gather your party and work with one of our DM’s to create a memorable one time adventure.

$250 for a 4 hour adventure
(4-6 players)

Bi-Weekly Campaign

Start as a humble party of mismatched adventurers looking for their place in this world and build the bonds that elevate you and your companions to the stuff of legend. This option offers the chance to take part in a longer more consistent story where the stakes are as high (or low) as you want them to be.

Published Adventures: $200 
Custom Adventures: $215

per session for a 6 session minimum campaign with 4 hour sessions (3-6 players)

DM Workshop

Learn the tools of the trade from encounters to magic item creation. This workshop will take you through the basics of running your own table top adventures and will give you an excellent starting point to flesh out your own career as a Dungeon Master.

$20/person for a 3 hour workshop on the art of running the game (Max 6 attendees)

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