Roll 20 Tutorial

Happy May adventurers,
We hope all of you are enjoying playing online with us during this strange time. Big thanks to all of you who continue to come out to sessions and keep our community thriving. Your support and engagement both at the table and away from it are what makes this group so special.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to join in a session, and even for some of you who have, we understand that Roll 20 (the online service we use to keep the games running) can be a little clunky in some areas. We’ve received some good feedback that character creation within Roll 20 is one of the bigger sticking points among the community. To that we say, we’re here to help.

We’ve created a quick tutorial on the basics of joining in our main-line Roll 20 campaign to claim and edit character sheets as well as tokens so that you can bring your character over to the digital world even when a game isn’t scheduled. Creating your characters as shown in the video will allow all of our DMs to import your sheet into their games so once you setup your sheet(s), they’ll be available from Riftmarch to Briar Grove with just a few clicks.

Happy adventuring and we’ll see you at the virtual table!