Additional Resources

Altoras Handbook

The world of Altoras is vast and largely unexplored. Due to the West Marches style of play and our multi-DM team, new and veteran players alike may find themselves looking for information on anything from town locations to how we handle injury at our tables. The following pages will have details and/or links to all relevant information that we have at this time. If there is something you are curious about and can’t find the answer among the resources tab, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to both answer your questions and to add the information to our written database.

House Rules

Dungeons and Do-gooders has some well loved traditions that differ from the standard 5e ruleset that new players may not be familiar with. While there aren’t many, they are absolutely going to come up in your games, and you should take  advantage of them too!

In place of a static 3 attunement limit, characters in Altoras attune to a number of magic items equal to their proficiency modifier.

Sometimes all you need is to take a minute and catch your breath. Once per session when you are not in combat, in conversation, or in a challenging situation (such as climbing a cliff), your character may take a breather as an action. A breather is identical to a short rest, except that you may not spend hit dice to recover HP or give your inspiration to someone else. Each character may take their breather independently of one another.

Critical Failures
Whenever a player rolls a natural one on the dice, they must roll a second time. On a natural 20, the result is a success, but not a critical success/hit.

Exhaustive Combat
When you are reduced to 0 hit points, you fall unconscious. Each time you are returned to consciousness, you gain one level of exhaustion.

Everybody starts off with one inspiration at the beginning of each session. You may expend it when you make an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check to re-roll the die, before or after the results are declared. If you had advantage or disadvantage on the initial roll, you have the same on your reroll. During a short rest, by giving some encouraging words to a creature that does not have inspiration you can give that character your inspiration for them to spend at any time.

Readying An Attack
If you take the Ready action on your turn to Ready an Attack, you have as many attacks as granted by your class features (e.g. a Paladin’s Extra Attack at 5th level, or the Warlock’s Thirsting Blade Eldritch Invocation). This applies to additional attacks gained through the Extra Attack feature (for example, the Fighter’s at 11th level), but not to attacks taken as a Bonus Action.

For character resurrection, we use Matt Mercer’s The Fading Spirit – Alternative Resurrection Rules as outlined here.

Wild Magic Surge
Each time a Wild Magic Sorcerer rolls to trigger a Wild Magic Surge and fails, the number needed to trigger a surge increases by 1. Once a Wild Magic Surge is triggered, or once the session ends, the Surge value resets to 1. When a Wild Magic Surge does trigger, the DM may choose to roll on this Surge table or on the one found in the Players’ Handbook.

Character Roster

Adventurers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds will explore the world of Altoras! Whether you’re a monster slaying triton or a studious warforged, your tales will be told far and wide by everyone you meet. In order to tell those tales, we ask that you immortalize and update your character(s) on our roster! This is a completely optional step but it does help tremendously for both DMs and Players alike to keep track of the other adventurers they’ve crossed paths with!

After you’ve created a character and have had your first session with them, feel free to add them to the Character Roster document linked here. You’ll be able to fill in basic details about them as well as some of the connections they may share with other members of the vast D&DG universe.


Maps & Dossiers

There are 5 large continents that make up the bulk of Altoras. Some have been explored thoroughly while others are entirely untouched by the activity of Salvation. As our players explore the world and uncover more of it’s secrets, information about each of the continents will become more readily available and points of interest and activity will be established. If you’re the type of player who loves lore, worldbuilding, and extra pieces of information about our world, then feel free to dive into the lore of Altoras!