Referral Program

Bring a friend and reap the rewards!

D&DG is proud to announce our new Referral Program!

We’re ecstatic to see our community grow, and especially love it when you bring friends in to join us. To that end, our new program will reward you for each new player you bring in who plays at least one game with us. Tracking it is simple – all you need to do is leave a message in the new Referral channel on our Discord tagging the player you’ve brought in to game with us. Once you’ve started with that, the rewards will start to roll in depending on the number of players you refer!

1 Player: 2 Boon Points

3 Players: Entry to the Blackchasm Stables, where unique in-game mounts can be purchased.

5 Players: Access to the Queen’s armory, where unique gear awaits.

7 Players: One free session

10 Players: One free session, 5 Boon Points, and a unique Discord badge and role to show your dedication to the Sundered Lands.

As we progress, if we see particularly determined players continuing to refer others past 10 players, we may add future rewards. Thank you all so much for continuing to share our community with others, and for making D&DG the fantastic group that it is!