Loot Points

Altoras Loot Point System

This system was designed with the goal of ensuring you all gain items that are actually useful for your characters, at a pace deemed reasonable by the team. It also means not having to wait very long for loot posts, as your DM will inform you right away how many Loot Points your session was worth. This new system means that you’ll probably wind up with fewer magical items overall, but, the items that you get will be not only your choice but also far more relevant to your characters in particular.

Moving forward, all DMs will be handing out Loot Points in addition to regular quest rewards.
These Loot Points can be exchanged for items in each setting’s Loot Point Catalogue. These Catalogues will be linked in the FB resources section in the pinned post, and also on the Discord server in their own unique channel. Your Loot Points are setting agnostic for now, so even if you accrue Loot Points in Riftmarch, you may still spend them in Tunneltide Depths. You will also receive more or less Loot Points depending on the difficulty of the mission and the tier of play.

In addition, we are introducing tier-locking to items.
Each new tier of play unlocks additional items for your character to purchase, but you will still be able to use items from previous tiers as well. In the future, we will look into allowing characters to receive items during play that break that rarity rule, but at no point will you be able to purchase items from the Loot Catalogues above your tier’s rarity. The tier list is as follows:

Item Rarity Tier Access
Very Rare

Loot Catalogue

The Sundered Lands is an enormous place with people, creatures, and treasure beyond your wildest dreams. If you’ve spent any time adventuring with us, you’ve likely amassed a small fortune of loot points and you might be looking to spend them on magical items or wonderous trinkets. We have compiled all items, trinkets, boons, and tattoos available to you as a player in D&DG in one all encompassing loot catalogue which gives prices and paired it with a document that gives in-depth descriptions of all things included. Happy shopping adventurers!

We’re certain you have some questions related to this new system, so here are some answers in advance:

Does this mean we’re getting rid of gold and treasure?
Absolutely not! This is still D&D, and finding gold and treasure is still worthwhile. If you want to go pilfer a dungeon, that magic statuette you found will not abruptly become Loot Points. But if you’re asked to tackle a particular goal and given a sidequest along the way, that sidequest could earn you additional Loot Points if you manage to complete it successfully!

Can Loot Points be traded between characters or players?
No. Loot Points are tied to the character that received them, and tracked as a separate resource. You’ll need to track them on your sheet in some capacity, either in your inventory or in some other way. You may, however, trade the items you gain from Loot Points!

Do Loot Points represent physical objects?
Yes and no. Think of them as an amalgamation of your character’s reputation and an investment into your character on the part of Blackchasm Keep and the surrounding regions, both extra-planar and local. In the future, if there’s demand, we may even allow characters to make Reputation checks to throw their weight around and impress people who don’t know them!

We hope this new system is clear to you, and that it makes a positive difference in your experience of the Sundered Lands and D&DG.