Joining an adventure

get your feet wet!

You’ve introduced yourself to the community, you’ve created your character, and you’re ready to roll some dice. But just how do you go about joining an adventure with D&DG? The process is really quite simple and in no time you’ll be signing up for our available sessions both online and in-person!

(This page will detail the process of signing up for events as well as some important tags we use in order to identify our events)

“Currently we use discord for all of our event management. In order to sign up for sessions, please join our discord here!.”

Levels of Play

At D&DG, we run sessions for both players and characters of all levels of experience. All of our posted events will be tagged with one of the tags listed below to note what level characters the adventure is suited for. You may join a session above or below your character’s tier at the discretion of the DM running the event. If the DM permits the character to join, you will gain 1 additional XP for a session above your tier and 1 fewer for joining a session below your tier (A minimum of 1 XP)


Level 1-4 only

Whether you’re a brand new player, or just busting out a fresh faced character, this tier is geared towards the low level/experience. These sessions will be focused on getting you or your character introduced to the world and (probably) wont get you killed.


Level 5-8 only

You’ve bashed some monsters, rolled some dice, and made some memories by now. These sessions are focused on more advanced goals and let players really find their calling in the Sundered Lands. Danger lurks (But not too much of it).


Level 9-12 only

Your hoard of dice is getting out of hand and your character has less limbs than when they arrived (or more). These sessions are focused on flexing those well earned muscles and spell slots. Death isn’t guaranteed but neither is survival.


Level 13-16 only

You’re sporting a D20 tattoo, your character sheet is on it’s 5th (at least) remake, and your character leads their own army (or runs their own petting zoo). These sessions are focused on world altering stakes and life threatening encounters. Become the legend that you had only read about as a new arrival.


Level 17+ only

You ran out of space for source books and minis eons ago. Your character is worshipped by those around them and feared by even the worst monsters from other realms. These sessions are gods fighting titans and barely breaking a sweat. Prepare for chaos and big damage numbers.

Ready Up!

If you’ve been interested in coming out but are uncertain how to get a spot, it’s pretty simple. Events have different player caps depending on their type, and follow below:

Single-Table – 6 Players (+1 DM)
Multi-Table – 18 Players (+3 DMs)

Find an event that’s not capped out on player count, hit Going, and voilà! The spot is yours! Show up at the right time and place and come play some D&D with what has got to be the best bunch of players around. Everything you need to play is provided, from pre-made characters to dice.

Event Tags

Uncertain what the various square bracket words following the various events mean? Confused about whether or not they’re for you? Look no further than right here. 

Hard – Challenging sessions which provide double points towards leveling and greater rewards, but deadlier scenarios.
Deadly – Exceptionally challenging sessions which provide triple points towards leveling and greater rewards, but far more dangerous scenarios.
Multi-table – Two or more DM event, with at minimum 12 spots available for players. Check the event to see how many tables are running, and if there’s no room, hit Interested anyways as players reasonably frequently drop out before events.

Event Cost

D&DG adventures are $12.50 per session, paid to the DM before the session. At the moment, we are only accepting payment via e-transfer due to the COVID-19 quarantine, but under normal circumstances we also accept cash at the session. and will be offering a membership system in the future. We also offer a number of free adventures each month to ensure that if you cannot afford the $12.50 rate or want to try us out before paying to play, you are able to do so. Other events such as multi-table Epics or Adventure Arcs charge different rates, dependent on the event in question. If you have any questions about pricing, please contact us so we can assist you.

Adventure Arcs

If you’re looking for a more traditional D&D experience within the context of westmarches, D&DG also offers paid adventure arcs. The cost is slightly higher at $15 a session, but comes with the advantage of securing you a spot at the table in a 5 session arc that explores one of our campaign settings a little more deeply. These arcs will be offered to meet demand, and will be advertised in their own separate section when they first launch. Each of D&DG’s DMs will run adventure arcs, so whether you’re looking to delve more deeply into Briar Grove or into one of the multitude of Elemental Planes, your options are without limitation.
If this style of play interests you, please contact us about reserving a spot in an upcoming arc.