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Turn this hobby into a career

Years of adventuring have turned you into an efficient monster slaying, loot hoarding, village saving machine and now you’re looking for your next purpose. Well look no further than the outpost turned keep, Dungeons and Do-Gooders. As our party continues to grow, so too do our support needs and that’s where you come in. Below you will find the positions we have open within our team and if you see one that might interest you or that you feel you’d be an excellent fit for, please feel free to apply and we shall respond in a timely manner.

Current Job Openings

D&D5e Game Master

Have you ever wanted to get paid to run Dungeons and Dragons? Now you can! 

About Us: 

Over the past three years, Dungeons and Do-Gooders has grown from a small, one GM operation with a handful of players into an expansive, massively multiplayer tabletop experience. We offer the chance for GMs to develop their worlds and flex their creative muscles, confident in the knowledge that no prep will ever be wasted. Our style of play guarantees that players (and GMs) can always return to a location if they enjoy it, and spend more time connecting and delving into each little nook and cranny.

  • Our game opportunities are near limitless. If you want to run two games a day and can pull up the players for it, we will support you in doing so. If you want to run other systems either on a campaign or one-shot basis, you have our backing. 
  • We believe in the idea of community. Our business has grown locally through word of mouth and recommendations, and that has allowed us to build our community to ensure we remain positive, inclusive, and welcoming to players of all backgrounds and experience levels. 
  • We support your health, both mental and physical. If you need time off or to cancel a session for whatever reason, we understand. Your health comes first.

The Position: 

We’re currently looking for multiple online D&D5e game masters. The rate we are starting at is $90 per four hour adventure.

  • We offer around the clock training and support to help you learn any of the tools we utilize while preparing and running adventures.
  • We also offer an abundance of resources and supplies for both online and in-person play, with the caveat that we are currently only running online.


We recognize that being the right candidate is about a lot more than just meeting a bunch of checkboxes. At D&DG, our community is one of the pillars of our identity, so at the end of the day we want a game master who’s going to mesh with that community and our team over someone who checks every single box. If you’re not an extremely experienced game master but have the drive and passion we’re looking for, that suits us just fine! 

That being said, if you’re the sort of person who appreciates checkboxes, the ideal candidate has:

  • A love of story-telling, performing, and Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Game master experience with D&D5e.
  • Experience writing creatively, preferentially for adventure design.
  • The capacity and drive to learn new tools and skills for running games.
  • A willingness to share your creative vision and direction with a team.


  • Preparing and running at minimum four games a month.
  • Engaging with the community in between games.
  • Developing treasure and loot rewards for your adventures.
  • Working with the admin and story team to connect your story to the larger narrative arcs.
  • Developing a setting or learning an established setting from our world for your adventures.

If this sounds like you, then send your application straight away to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as our email goblins deliver it. We look forward to hearing from you!