Boon points

Boon Rules

Boons may be obtained by writing a journal entry, submitting a small piece of art or comic (I like doodles too!), performing a brief voice recording in-character, or any other effort that shows engagement with the world.

I am also usually looking for assistance in one D&D-related endeavour or another, and helping me with some tasks will be worth additional boon points.

You may exchange one Boon for two of these Perks:

These perks are expended when used, but may be kept (inactive) as long as you like until you choose to use them.

Turn Aside – When struck by an attack you may choose to reduce the damage by 2d6.

Knowledge is Power – Gain proficiency (or expertise if you are already proficient) with two skills of your choice.

Practiced Strike – If you would miss an attack (including targeted spells), you may add 2d4 to the attack roll.

Hard Heart, Hard Head – Pick a saving throw type. You gain advantage on any saving throw of that type.

You may exchange two Boons to gain a session towards your next level-up.

As listed in the Rules document, you must attend a number of sessions equal to your current level in order to level up. For example, a level three character must attend three sessions to level up, or can attend two sessions, gain boons, and expend them to level up faster.

You may exchange three Boons for any of the following Perks, pending DM approval:

These perks are tailored towards anyone who wants to establish their character more firmly in the world.

Story Time – Design two story hooks for the rumors board. These may be no longer than two sentences each. Gain a rolling inspiration each time one is completed.

You’ve Got A Friend in Me – Design a level two NPC of any class. That NPC may either be a combat ally who will accompany you for one adventure for free (and after in exchange for a Boon per adventure,) or may provide discounted services (identification, potion brewing, blacksmithing) in town.

Pillar of the Community – Establish a small building in town. This could be a shrine, a home, a tiny business, or some sort of public service. There will be a gold cost determined by the DM.

You may exchange five Boons for either of the following Perks:

These perks are tailored towards anyone who wants to establish their character more firmly in the world. The boon point cost at this tier can be split between two players.

A Magical World – Work with the DM to design a magical item, or choose one of up to Uncommon quality. That item will be inserted into your next adventure with a challenge required to obtain it.

Leave your Mark – Create a Faction in the world, in which players will be able to gain renown and benefits. The more players align to it and the more work you do for it, the more important it will become.