A New Adventure

Good afternoon everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I have the privilege to announce the launch of D&DG’s website! It has certainly been a long time coming, and could not have been accomplished without significant amounts of work from my behind-the-scenes partner, Dylan Hurley. Thank you all for bearing with us through these challenging times, and for being such an outstanding community. We owe our thanks first and foremost to all of you for continuing to support us and turn out to games even during the quarantine.

Whether you’re looking for more information on upcoming events, hunting for a location for all of D&DG’s many resources, or want to book us for a private campaign, you’ll find everything you need in one neat little package at https://dndg.ca/. No more having to root around a million old posts on Facebook or ask the archivists on our Discord just to find one specific little link. If we’re missing anything, you can email TheDM@dndg.ca and we’ll update it within 48 hours to ensure all D&DG content is available for everyone to see.

Launching alongside our website is the official DnDG FB page. All announcements will be coming out through there in the future, but will of course be posted to our D&DG group as well. This will make it easier to count numbers on events, and to arrange all future events and information as well. We’ll be posting community content and D&D content regularly over there, too!

Take a look around, adventurers. The future is here, and it’s all because of you. Welcome to the next chapter of D&DG!

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